Eye Irrigation First Aid Kit


The wall mountable Eye Irrigation Kit allows for the prompt and effective treatment of eye injuries.

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Eye Irrigation First Aid Kit

Our Eye Irrigation First Aid Kit is wall mountable and contains all the essentials for immediate, emergency treatment of an eye injury. This kit is designed for easy access, with simple contents that can be identified by touch and instructions that can be quickly understood by a first responder or memorised as part of a safety plan.

Having an Eye Irrigation First Aid Kit available for immediate use can reduce the risk of infection and permanent injury of the eye. Which makes this kit especially useful in environments where the eye is at risk of exposure to chemicals, sparks, sharp fragments, abrasive materials such as fibreglass, and even dust.


Symptoms of eye injuries

If an eye injury is suspected, it is recommended to see a doctor as soon as possible, even if the injury does not seem serious or if the injury is located around the eye. 

Symptoms of eye injuries can include: 

  • Watery, bloody, or painful 
  • Burning sensation or redness 
  • Double or blurred vision 
  • Swollen or spasming eyelids 
  • Sensitivity to light 
  • Inability to open the eye


Taking care

Swift and essential first aid on eyes can minimise the chance of permanent or more severe injury. When it comes to chemical or heat burns it is extremely important to act urgently as serious injury can occur within seconds. Do not delay the following actions and refer to the supplied first aid pamphlet for the eye irrigation kit uses:

  • Wash your hands thoroughly before touching the eye area. 
  • Put on a pair of supplied disposable nitrile gloves. 
  • DO NOT remove any foreign objects embedded or protruding from the eye. 
  • If required, use the provided sodium chloride eye wash to cleanse the eyes and protect the cornea. This is can help any smoke, chemicals, burns, or object in the eyes.  
  • Cover the eye with a sterile eye pad from the kit making sure to avoid touching any objects trapped in the eye. 
  • DO NOT apply any pressure, which can cause permanent damage to the eyeball.  
  • Ask the patient to lie on their back and minimise any eye movement while they await medical help to arrive. 
Eye Irrigation First Aid Kit by First Aid Works


What to do?

Some tips:  

  • A lacerated eyelid can bleed heavily due to the many blood vessels. Apply a dressing to control the bleeding but do not apply pressure. 
  • Tears naturally try to flush particles or objects on the cornea or stuck under the eyelids. Try NOT to rub the eye. If the particle is visible, look up or down and pull the eyelid out to gently get the particle with a wet cotton bud or cloth. 
  • Do not attempt to remove embedded and protruding objects. Use a paper cup and dressing to help protect the object whilst seeking immediate medical attention. 

Our Eye Irrigation First Aid Kit stocks all the essentials to apply immediate primary attention to an eye injury. It is a great addition to any safety cabinet at home or in the workplace especially if there is a possibility you can come in to contact with chemicals, dust, cosmetics, sharp objects, welding lights, heat or working if you happen to be working outdoors and get exposure to the natural elements such as Australia’s beaming sun.  


What's in the Eye Irrigation First Aid Kit?

The Eye Irrigation Kit includes an instruction pamphlet to guide you through the first aid process, sodium chloride solution with an irrigation piece and dressing materials to ensure your eye is protected until further medical help arrives. 

QTY Content
2 Sodium chloride 500ml bottles
2 Eye irrigation piece
4 Eye pads
1 Paper dressing tape 25mm
2 Disposable nitrile gloves (1 pair)
1 First aid pamphlet
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