Snake Bite Kit


The Snake Bite Kit by First Aid Works allows the first aider to promptly treat for snake bite and shock until help arrives. 

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Snake Bite First Aid Kit

Most people who don’t venture too far from the city often think they are at a lower risk of being bitten by a snake. However, that’s not always the case, with snakes known to venture into suburbia, inhabiting in and around homes, lakes, swamps and walking trails.   

Having a Snake Bite First Aid Kit on hand as well as basic first aid knowledge when it comes to treating a snake bite can ensure your survival.  

Don’t panic if you come across a snake, back away to a safe distance and let it move away. They often want to escape when disturbed. However, some snake bites are entirely unavoidable. You can take all the preventative measures possible, and a snake will still bite. 

The most common symptoms in a snake bite victim include headaches, nausea, blurred vision, drowsiness and/or difficulty breathing, swallowing or speaking.  

Snake bite

What to do if I am bitten by a snake?

If you are bitten by a snake or if you are a first responder to a snake bite, here are the five things you should do first:

    1. Lay the victim down safely and CALL 000.
    2. Use a broad (7.5mm width) bandage to begin firmly wrapping the entire limb, starting at the fingers or toes. If the bandage is too short, start with another bandage where the last one stopped. 
    3. Make sure the bandage compression is firm but does not restrict blood flow. Keep the tips of the toes or fingers uncovered so they can be used to monitor blood flow.
    4. Once the whole limb is wrapped, mark where the bite was (this is helpful for emergency service personnel) and then splint the limb to prevent movement. 
    5. Do not remove the bandage. Keep the victim still and continue to reassure them until emergency services arrive.

Remember: DO NOT attempt to wash the bite, do not try to tourniquet the limb, do not try to catch and identify the snake, and do not try to ‘suck’ the venom out. These actions will not help.


Clear and easy

The Snake Bite Kit by First Aid Works is essential for the prompt treatment of a snake bite and shock. It is easy to use and includes a clear and easy to understand instruction guide. 

  • Practical belt loop for ease of use in all outdoor environments 
  • Tough nylon fabric pouch 
  • Compact size kit 
  • Soft pack for easy storage 
  • Comprehensive maintenance checklist 


What's in the Snake Bite Kit?

QTY Content
1 Snake ID Card
1 Non-adherent dressing 7.5 x 5cm 
2 Heavy weight crepe bandage 10cm 
5 Safety pins
1 Triangular bandage
1 Emergency thermal blanket 
1 First aid pamphlet 
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