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Modular First Aid Kit

A complete first aid kit with an innovative and practical modular system designed to cover a wide variety of applications and requirements. Each kit features 5 Module System with the following individual components:

  • Burn Module
  • Eye Module
  • Haemorrhage Module
  • Minor Wound Module
  • Additional Stock Module

A First Aid Kit Made For The Great Outdoors

Ideal for Outdoor workers, farms, outdoors activities & hikers.

The Snake & Spider Bite Kit is essential for the prompt treatment of a snake bite and the possible onset of shock. It’s easy to use and includes a straightforward and easy to understand instruction guide.

Recreational First Aid Kits

Ultimate First
Aid Kit

No workplace is safe from injury. Accidents are bound to happen whether you sit in an office for most of the day or if you work on-site in a factory or as a mobile tradesperson. Therefore, we have created the Ultimate First Aid Kit, which we recommend for medium workplaces, tradesman’s vehicles, recreational activities, sporting clubs, and remote or rural places.

  • T2 Burn Module
  • T2 Eye Module
  • T2 Minor Wound Module
  • T2 Haemorrhage Module

Going for a road trip?

If you are unsure about which First Aid Kit is most suitable for your trip, consider the environments you will possibly travel to, factoring in the extreme weather conditions as well as the duration of your trip. The Motorist First Aid Kit is designed with campers and outdoor adventures in mind.  

Featured Products

The comprehensive range of First Aid Kits by First Aid Works has been designed to promote ease of use in often stressful first aid situations. View our featured kits below.

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