Burns First Aid Kit

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The wallmountable Burns First Aid Kit is a musthave for any workplace with a low to high risk of burn injuries. 

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Burns First Aid Kit

When faced with a burn injury in the workplace, prompt and decisive action is important for the prevention of long-term recovery.  

Typically, a burn is tissue damage from contact with: 

  • Open flames 
  • Scalding hot water 
  • Corrosive chemicals 
  • Hot surfaces  
  • Electricity 
  • Radiation 
  • Sun exposure  

Types of burns

Types of burns injuries:

When treating a burn injury of any kind, the first step is determining whether the burn is a minor or major one so that appropriate treatment can be directed and actioned.   

Outlined below are the main differences between the two kinds of burns:  

Minor Burns Major Burns
Less than 3 inches in diameter Larger than 3 inches in diameter and can cover entire body parts
Surface redness (like a sunburn) Results in dry, leathery skin
Skin blistering Deep into the skin
Pain Have a charred appearance or patches of black, brown, or white


Comprehensive Burn Kit

The Burns First Aid Kit is a comprehensive kit that contains a range of burn gel treatment products and dressings to rapidly cool the burn, prevent further tissue damage, and offer rapid, ongoing pain relief. The kit includes two waterproof detailed instruction cards for the basic first aid treatment of burns, polythene sheets, clothing cutters, and a comprehensive maintenance checklist ensuring the Burns Kit remains serviceable. 

  • Wall mountable kit includes mounting bracket 
  • Innovative and easy to use burn treatment products 
  • Clothing cutters to rapidly remove clothing in an emergency 
  • Comprehensive maintenance checklist 



Our Burns First Aid Kits contain all the essential supplies to provide fast and effective on-site treatment for both minor and major burns. 

 These kits are ideal for workplaces with a low to high risk of burn injuries including factories, engineering workshops, remote workplaces and restaurants.

QTY Content
8 Burn gel 3.5g
2 Burn dressing 10 x 10cm
2 Gauze bandage 7.5cm
2 Burn treatment instruction cards – waterproof
1 Clean polythene sheets (S, M, L)
2 Disposable nitrile gloves (1 pair) 
2 Safety pins
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